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UPDATED November 2023


 2024  (Suspended) Writing a comparative analysis with the past and what is coming 

Coming Soon. See Journal Tab / Articles. In-depth analysis of Ezekiel 38/39. Geographical and historical analysis, and identity of the nations of the confederacy that invade Israel. What is the timeline? Is there any criteria to determine and isolate when this invasion will be? Can we narrow down the traditional timescale from 1007 years to one year? A commentary and prophetic outline when this will be.

July - August 2022 

1.   New outlines uploaded for book of Ruth. This explains the prophetic significance of Ruth which provides a picture of the first and second comings’ of the Lord Jesus Christ. They are 20 pages. They are suitable for personal, private study, sermons notes for pastors and Bible study groups. They are not the best notes, but you are free to download and use as you see fit. Completed

2.  New Outlines coming for a study of Melchizedek. The relevant chapter, Genesis 14, where Melchizedek is discussed, provides a prophetic picture of the first and second comings of the Lord Jesus. The article reveals how the Lord Jesus, as Chief High Priest has two functions and roles: one is connected to redeemer and the other, one of military commander. The first part discusses the relevance of Hebrews 7:3, why it mentions the giving of tithes to Levi. The second part explains Second coming scriptures and their relationship with Psalm 110. Very interesting study. Completed

3.  A new study is coming to ascertain what the truth is about judging others. The boundary lines have become muddied—so, it is a very gray area, really. This will be an analytical study, given that there are scriptures on both sides. I will explore, explain, and put into perspective the delicate balance: when is it condemning/judging on some issue, as against when it ceases to be judging on the same issue. Research to begin. Completed

June 2022 

1.    Just uploaded some marvelous Hebrew insights into Genesis 1:1. Completed. If you find this study is interesting, download my Firstfruits Book. It provides a more in-depth analysis on these intricacies of this theme.

2.   Just uploaded a detailed overview to the epistle of Colossians. Completed

3.  The final video presentation to the Mark of the Beast series. This will be part 3B. Completed

4.   A new devotional has been uploaded for the Women’s Corner. Completed

April 2022 

My new book is ready for download. More resources for God’s people. The book is entitled :

"End of the World, Rapture of the church: Annual September False Prophecies, 1999—2020."

This book exposes the Astronomy annual prophecy movement, and those well-known prophecy teachers who have become embroiled in fake prophecies. It has taken nearly 2 years to research and to write. A riveting read.  Completed.  See Home Tab

March 2022 

 1.  What is the name of the antichrist. Completed. Located under Bible Studies tab.

 January 30, 2022 

1.  Planned Bible Studies notes resources on various topics (Ongoing):

          1 Timothy 6:16 Study revised (2022). Completed. Click here

2.  Women’s devotionals. Completed and Ongoing

3.  Gospel Message. Completed

4.  Feast of Trumpets exhaustive Bible study. Upcoming

5.  First Fruits Book Revision  V_2. Shelved for time being

 December 15, 2021 

1.  Upcoming Video presentations about mark of the beast, including concerns that the Covid Vaccines (Part 3A) are connected to the mark. Completed

2.  YouTube Q & A Session Notes annexation to part 2 of the vaccine presentation. This is a three part presentation about the mark of the beast. See Videos tab, entitled “Q & A Notes Video.” Completed


3.   Bible Workbooks' Teaching.  Located under new tab ‘Bible Studies.’

I have just uploaded two studies. More will be added soon. Completed


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