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The Feast of First Fruits, Jacob’s Trouble, and God’s Harvest



The Feast of First Fruits, Jacob’s Trouble, and God’s Harvest

Upcoming Revised Edition currently Suspended (January, 2022)

This book will be offered for FREE as a downloadable 85 page PDF book. The book contains Illustrations, Data tables and diagrams to bring out the full meaning. Very interesting analysis of how pervasive Firstfruits really is within the Scriptures, not simply confined to the mentions of the 'firstfruits’ term. Rather, if you digest and assimilate the principles and definitions, Bible Students shall observe the most glorious applications of this feast. If you love the Holy Scriptures and you enjoy studying them, then you will love this book.

This book brings out the the fullness and riches of the Feast of Firstfruits. Is there a structure and order as to how God saves? The feast itself is a "foretaste" of the full harvest that God will gather in. We already know from 1 Corinthians, chapter 15, that Jesus Christ is the Firstfruits. What readers may not realise is just how interwoven the principles of Firstfruits are into the whole of the Bible. The harvest is idiomatic of the salvation of people. Firstfruits can be identified in Genesis 1:1, in the fabric of the verse. The feast plays a heavily significant role in the time of Jacob's Trouble. Revelation, chapters 7 and 14, are analysed. 

This author explains four levels of the feast, beginning with it's fulfilment by the Lord Jesus Christ, as the first level. Second, a systematic analysis of the creation account to the Millennial reign of the Messiah. Third, a complete breakdown of events during Jacob's Trouble and the Agricultural Harvest that will occur for the Jewish people, in the hidden city. This will conclude with the salvation of the whole house of Israel just prior to the Second Coming arrival, at which time Jesus will save them. This book also acts as a supplemental document to this author's primary book, "The NKJV Apostate BIble and the Mark of the Beast. 

There are two versions: one in English; and the other is a English/Hebrew version, which has the names of the books of the Bible and chapter numbers in Hebrew. This is a supplement to my main book

The book can be printed.

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